Lash Extension in Rochester New York

Eye Surgery in Rochester, New York

About Envision Eye
& Aesthetics

Not just eye surgery—eye surgery with heart and compassion.

treating you how we
would treat a loved one.

While there are a variety of places to receive eye surgery in Rochester, Envision Eye & Aesthetics differentiates itself from others by focusing on your education and experience. Your safety is our number one concern. That’s why we we only offer the most effective and proven treatments and eye surgeries to achieve the results you dream of.


What Makes Us Different

Envision Eye & Aesthetics only focuses on proven and effective eye surgery and treatments in Rochester, so you can see results.

You’re human, just like us

We see our duty to acknowledge you as a person, not just treat your disease. As you meet and get to know us, we want you to feel as comfortable in our eye surgery office as you do at your home.

Board Certified in Ophthalmology

Dr. Whipple performed a 3-year residency in Ophthalmology, prior to a 2-year accredited Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Fellowship. During that time, she performed and taught thousands of surgeries focusing solely on the face, eyes, and their intimate anatomy.

The Story of the Practice

Envision Eye & Aesthetics has provided in eye surgery in Rochester and Upstate New York since 2015. In just a short time, we have built a reputation of being the place to go for customized eye surgery and general eye care.

We base our work on the simple philosophy that when we treat each patient as we would a loved one, we can’t go wrong. We offer the most effective eye surgery in Rochester, while still making sure to treat you as the individual you are.

Lash Extension in Rochester New York

Our Team

  • Dr. Katherine Whipple

    Cosmetic and Reconstructive Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon

  • Amanda M. Phelps

    Licensed Aesthetician, Ophthalmic Technician

  • Sandra G. Wolf

    Patient Care Specialist

  • Rosemary Whipple

    Registered Nurse

Awards & Accolades

  • Accolades@2x

    Chief Ophthalmology Resident

  • Accolades@2x

    Doximity Physician Panelist

  • Accolades@2x

    Fellow Teacher of the Year

  • Accolades@2x

    Resident Physician Council

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    Chief Resident of Ophthalmology


    Doximity Physician Panelist

  • American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

    Fellow Teacher of the Year

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    Resident Physician Council

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