Revisional Eyelid Surgery in Rochester, New York

Revisional Eyelid Surgery

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If you had eyelid surgery in the past and something doesn’t feel or look right, Dr. Whipple may be able to help. Revisional eyelid surgery in Rochester, New York, is a corrective procedure. Sometimes during an eyelid procedure, a complication may arise or you may not have received the results you were hoping for. Dr. Whipple can perform a revisional eyelid procedure to reverse any dissatisfaction. 



What It Treats

Irritated eyes
Previous surgery

Procedure Time

Dependent on individual

Recovery Time

Dependent on individual

Optimize Form & Function

There is no other part of the body where millimeters matter as much as they do in eyelid surgery. Very minor differences can result in eyelids that function sub-optimally. During your consultation with Dr. Whipple, she will listen to your concerns, perform a thorough exam, and discuss all options available to you for revisional eyelid surgery in Rochester, New York.


Benefits of a Revisional Eyelid Surgery

Optimized Eyelid Function

Subtle changes in the eyelid can have a huge effect on your overall eye comfort.

Better Vision

Did you know if your eyelids are not functioning properly your vision may be affected? By restoring your eyelids to their natural position, their function improves. Better functioning eyelids mean better vision.

Focus on Your Life, Not Your Eyelids

Many patients do not realize how irritated eyelids and eyes can affect their lives. They spend too much time thinking about their eyelids and it interferes with their ability to live their life. You don’t have to suffer. Contact Dr. Whipple to see if she can help you.

Client Results

Clients will notice significantly better form and function after a revisional eyelid surgery in Rochester.

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