Bell’s Palsy Treatment in Rochester, New York

Bell's Palsy Treatment

Expert Care and Precision

If you suffer from Bell’s Palsy, you may experience drooping, paralysis, or numbness in the face because of inflammation or compression of the nerves due to the condition. While the cause of Bells Palsy isnt certain, doctors believe that the most likely cause is a viral infection such as the Herpes virus or shingles. About 40,000 people experience Bells Palsy each year. Envision Eye offers a Bell’s Palsy treatment in Rochester, New York. Dr.Whipple delivers expert care and precision when treating a patient for Bell’s Palsy.

What It Treats

Facial drooping, paralysis or sagging
Difficulty eating, drinking or tasting
Dry & irritated eye on the affected side
Numbness or pain behind the ear
Inability to blink
Eye watering
Twitching facial muscles

Procedure Time

Unique to the individual

Recovery Time

Unique to the individual

What is a Bell’s Palsy treatment in Rochester? 

Bells Palsy can cause significant problems with your vision, including tearing, foreign body sensation, pain, and decreased vision. Dr.Whipple will perform a full evaluation to ensure your vision is protected and discuss with you the different options available based upon the severity of your condition. She practices expert care and precision when delivering a procedure of this extent to a patient.


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Say Goodbye to Your Bell’s Palsy Symptoms

Patients who report suffering from facial symptoms due to Bell’s Palsy will notice a reduction in these symptoms. Eyes that were once dry and irritated now won’t experience any discomfort. Facial muscles that experienced twitching will be reduced and subdued. Receiving our treatment for Bell’s Palsy in Rochester, patients will notice significant reduction and ease. Dr.Whipple aims to deliver patients results that will allow them to feel comfortable and confident in their skin.