Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment in Rochester, New York

Bulging Eyes?

Treat Bulging Eyes

Did you know that you don’t have to live with the alterations in your appearance due to a thyroid eye disease? Thyroid eye disease (TED), also known as Graves Orbitopathy, commonly referred to as “bulging eyes” is caused by the immune system recognizing a target in the orbit as foreign to your body. At Envision Eye, we focus on creating natural-looking results. Thyroid eye disease can lead to serious implications, such as blindness or distortion. Scheduling an appointment for thyroid eye disease treatment in Rochester, New York, is important to maintaining your health.

What It Treats

Thyroid eye disease
Bulging eyes

Procedure Time

Unique to the individual

Recovery Time

Unique to the individual

What is a Bulging Eye or Thyroid Eye Disease?

Thyroid eye disease, or bulging eye, is one of the most devastating ocular diseases within the eye. It can cause blindness in sufferers, or distort an individual’s appearance so much that they may become unrecognizable. It can become a serious issue impacting one’s health. A thyroid eye disease treatment in Rochester, New York from the experts at Envision Eye helps produce natural-looking results you’ll feel confident in. 


Benefits of a Thyroid Eye
Disease Procedure

Expert Attention

Most people dont realize they have available, helpful options regarding Thyroid Eye Disease treatments in Rochester. During Dr. Whipples fellowship, she worked in a clinic entirely dedicated to patients from around the country who were impacted by Thyroid eye disease (TED). As a result, she gained unparalleled experience in treating this condition. She produces beautiful, natural results that reverse the signs of bulging eye.


Client Results

Patients receive confident, natural results that reverse the visible signs of bulging eye.

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