Prosthetic Eye Surgery in Rochester NY

Enucleation: The Removal Of The Eye

Expert Care And Precision

Dr. Whipple will help you protect and optimize your vision. She understands the necessity for expert eye care and strives to deliver this throughout our prosthetic eye surgery in Rochester. There are options available for you that allow you to create a more symmetrical appearance in the facial and eye regions. Whether its preparing the eye socket for a prosthetic eye or simply improving the symmetry, Dr. Whipple is sensitive to your concerns and passionate about helping you feel comfortable in your skin. She’s an eye care expert you can trust.

What It Treats

Facial or eye asymmetry
Prosthetic preparation
Blind, painful eye

Procedure Time

Unique to the individual

Recovery Time

Unique to the individual

What Happens During A
Prosthetic Eye Surgery in Rochester?

Eye removal involves a surgery to remove the damaged eye through a precise and thorough process. Once the eye is removed, a prosthetic implant is placed to take the place of the eye. Once the orbit is healed, a prosthesis is custom-made to correctly compliment the opposite eye. A prosthetic eye is typically created from glass to ensure a smooth, realistic shape and appearance. Dr. Whipple delivers expert care and precision in the eye removal and prosthetic insertion processes.


Symmetrical & Natural

Realistic Experience

With prosthetic eye surgery in Rochester, Dr. Whipple strives to create symmetrical and quality orbits that can hold a prosthetic eye that will mimic the appearance of natural, real eyes. As the eyes are shaped, they are crafted to appear as if they are real eyes. Patients report that they are pleased with the look of the prosthetic eye and more importantly, not in pain any longer from suffering from a blind, painful eye. Others comment on how they don’t even notice it’s a prosthetic eye.