Eyelid Trauma Surgery in Rochester, New York

Eyelid Trauma Surgery

Protecting Your Eye Health

Trauma or injury to your eye, eyelids, or face is one of the most devastating injuries a person can suffer through because of how dependent we are on our vision. With eyelids serving as the primary protector of the eyes, they often suffer trauma before the eye itself does. If left untreated, the eyelids will not be able to maintain their necessary function properly, ultimately leaving you unprotected and at risk for affecting your overall vision. Dr. Whipple aims to deliver expert care and precision during all eyelid trauma surgery in Rochester, New York. Protect your vision at Envision Eye.

What It Treats

Eye trauma
Eyelid trauma
Facial injury

Procedure Time

Unique to individual

Recovery Time

Slight bruising & swelling

What Happens During An
Eyelid Trauma Surgery in Rochester?

Depending on the extent of the individual’s eyelid trauma, the procedure is unique to their specific needs. The severity, cause, and impact of the trauma influences how the procedure will be conducted. Dr.Whipple delivers expert care and precision to procedures that surround the orbital region, as it is such a sensitive area. Small incisions may be made to reposition, reduce, or reconstruct the eyelid.

eyelid trauma surgery

Benefits of an Eyelid Trauma Surgery in Rochester

Expert Care and Precision

Any injury to your face or eyes should be examined with careful attention to detail. Dr. Whipple will ensure your injury is treated properly with ease and comfort, because of her extensive experience treating thousands of trauma patients. Dr. Whipple delivers expert care and precision to all of her patients. She will discuss a customized treatment plan to ensure optimal results catered to each patient’s needs.

Fellowship=Approved Doctor

Dr.Whipple spent two years completing a prestigious fellowship in Orbital and Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. This program is approved by the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. It’s a highly specialized fellowship, graduating only approximately 15 physicians nationwide each year. Dr.Whipple’s expert experience shines through in her procedures.