Eye Removal Surgery in Rochester, New York

Eye Removal Surgery

Board-Certified Eye Surgeon

Dr. Whipple is an expert in the entire process of eye removal and socket restoration. She knows that your long-term recovery depends not only on bringing you back to health, but also in preserving your natural appearance. Correct eye removal is critical to your healing, and ultimately the way your eye socket will hold a prosthetic implant. Dr. Whipple is a Board-Certified in Ophthalmology and has years of experience in eye removal surgery in Rochester, New York. 

What It Treats

Choroidal melanoma
Infection of the eye
Eye trauma

Procedure Time

Unique to the Individual

Recovery Time

2-3 weeks of
down time

What Happens During An
Eye Removal Surgery in Rochester?

This is a surgical procedure performed in a sterile operating room. Typically, general anesthesia is used. Dr.Whipple will inject anesthesia prior to the eye removal surgery reassuring that no pain will be felt within the eye region. A common concern is that the area will hurt, but most patients only report signs of a headache and some nausea during the first two days after an eye removal surgery. Patients are given a small bandage to wear for the time after the surgery to combat headaches. Dr. Whipple ensures that the surgery will be performed smoothly and with ease.

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You’re In Good Hands

Board-Certified Ophthalmologist

If you are faced with an eye removal surgery in Rochester, be sure to consult with Dr. Whipple first for a complete evaluation and expert advice, solutions, and care. She is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and holds a specialty board certification from the American Board of Ophthalmic and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons. She delivers expert care and precision during her procedures to ensure safety and optimal results.