Dry Eye Treatments in Rochester, New York

Dry Eye Treatments

Eyes Feeling Dry & Itchy?

Dry eye is the most common reason for patients to see an eye health professional. Over $2 billion is spent on dry eye treatments annually. While many therapies exist, none work perfectly. Dry eye syndrome is more than the occasional sensation of dry, irritated eyes. Consult with Dr. Whipple to rule out serious eye problems and determine the cause of your discomfort. We advise scheduling a consultation for dry eye treatments in Rochester immediately, as serious dry eye can lead to a handful of visionary issues that are detrimental to one’s health.

What It Treats

Burning sensation
Sensitivity to light
Heavy eyelids
Lack of tears
Watery eyes
Gritty feeling
Blurred vision

Procedure Time

Unique to the Individual

Recovery Time

Unique to the Individual

What is a Dry Eye Treatment in Rochester?

Diagnosing the cause of dry eye involves a step-by-step approach. Dr. Whipple will consult with you to discover your best treatment options. Professional treatments for dry eyes aim to restore and maintain a normal amount of tears in the eye to allow your eye to maintain its health and alleviate discomfort. With the diagnostic tools and treatment options available, Dr. Whipple has everything she needs to help improve your symptoms.


Benefits of A Dry
Eye Treatment in Rochester

Say goodbye to dryness

A dry eye procedure can aim to protect against a handful of issues being faced due to a serious dry eye condition. After a dry eye treatment, you won’t have to deal with burning sensations, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, or any issues that may have arisen due to serious dry eyes. Dr.Whipple assures that your eye problems will be ridden and no more pain will be endured.

Client Results

Harmful issues, such as a burning sensation, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light will be wiped away by dry eye treatments in Rochester, New York from Envision Eye

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