Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery produces a western eyelid shape that patients of Asian descent find desirable, as some are born with a single eyelid, with no visible creases.

Bell’s Palsy

Dr. Whipple delivers expert care and precision when delivering a Bell’s Palsy treatment.

Eyelid Invert & Evert

Entropion (inward turning eyelid) or Ectropion (eyelid turning outward) repair is a surgery that is necessary when the eyelid has lost its ability to stay in its proper position.

Eyelid Enhancement

An eyelid enhancement surgery can combat the natural signs of aging, sun’s damage, and smoking to produce beautiful, bold eyes.

Eyelid Trauma

Dr. Whipple aims to deliver expert care and precision during an eyelid trauma surgery in Rochester, New York. Protect your vision at Envision Eye.

Melasma Peel in Rochester New York

Dry Eye

A dry eye treatment can aim to protect against a handful of issues patients face due to a serious dry eye condition.

Eye Removal

Dr. Whipple knows your long-term recovery from eye removal surgery depends not only on bringing you back to health, but also in preserving your natural appearance.

Bulging Eyes

With Envision Eye in Rochester New York, a thyroid eye procedure helps produce natural-looking results you’ll feel confident in.

Prosthetic Eye

Dr. Whipple strives to create symmetric and quality orbits that can hold a prosthetic eye that will mimic the appearance of natural, real eyes.

Orbital Trauma and Fractures

If you’re looking for Surgery for Orbital Traumas & Fractures in Rochester New York, Envision Eye provides expert solutions.