Cheek Enhancement Surgery in Rochester, New York

Cheek Enhancement

Enhance Your Contours

When we are young, the highest point of the facial structure is the cheek-fat-pad. The chin is narrower than the eye and cheekbone area of the face, which is the most eye-catching and appealing part of one’s face. With natural aging, the cheek-fat-pad begins to slowly descend and invert. This is when we begin to notice more heaviness around the jawline and notice less fullness in our cheeks and cheekbones. Cheek lift procedures allow us to lift the cheek area and restore youthfulness to the face. A cheek enhancement surgery in Rochester at Envision Eye is one you’ll feel confident in.

What It Treats

Volume loss in the midface,
Under eye puffiness,
Cheek indentations or hollows,
Prominent nasal folds

Procedure Time

60 minutes

Recovery Time

1-2 weeks

What Is A Cheek
Enhancement Surgery In Rochester?

At your consultation, Dr. Whipple will examine your facial contours and discuss all options available to you to treat your concerns. Together you can decide the best course of action to allow you to be where you want to be. A cheek enhancement surgery can correct under-eye puffiness, indentations of the cheek, and prominent nasal folds. It is a natural way to enhance your contours without looking over done or “fake.”

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A Lifted, Fuller Appearance

A Cheek Enhancement treatment in Rochester is a procedure that is designed to create a fuller, lifted cheek and facial structure. Our patients are typically very satisfied with their results after a cheek enhancement surgery in Rochester, New York. Dr. Whipple will discuss with you the best options to obtain a lifted appearance that you desire.


Treatment Options


Patients commonly elect to have a hyaluronic acid filler injected to restore volume within the cheek. Small, precise injections are used to plump and add facial volume to the cheek structure, creating more attractive facial contours.

Fat Grafting

Some patients elect to have their own fat (commonly taken from the abdomen or thigh) injected back into their cheek. Small injections are used to plump and add facial volume to the cheek structure with facial fat grafting


Cheek Augmentation

Some patients wish to receive a cheek enhancement surgery in Rochester. Dr. Whipple will use an implant to restore your facial volume.


Surgical results are permanent.

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